Portfolio Gallery

Elephant, Lion, Bear, & Other Animals

Made with hundreds of pieces of half inch bar. Many different finishes have been used. For example, the elephant is painted and the lion is galvanized and some stay with their natural finish.

Osage National Sculpture

This steel sculpture is 40 feet tall and weighs approximately 8 tons. The elk are 14 feet tall. The golf clubs are 32 feet tall and weigh 1,500 lbs; one right and one left club, complete with grips and grooves on the club faces.

Logo Sculpture

This all stainless-steel logo sculpture is over 20 feet tall and is featured in the center of a water fountain.

Butterfly Sculpture

This 13-foot tall landmark sculpture at Capitol Regional Medical Center is aluminum with a powder-coated finish. The stained-glass butterfly wings add beautiful color and the caterpillar is hand-painted.

St. Joseph

Working for over a year, this steel sculpture is 10 feet tall. Very detailed, approximately 180,000 individual steel wire hairs on St. Joseph and Baby Jesus, the folds in the clothing and the lilies are all to be in perfect proportion. All of this was done blacksmith style, heating and forming all the individual pieces to make this impressive piece.


The aluminum alligator is over 15 feet and about to catch (or miss) an egret. Mike always does his research and was surprised to find the alligator has 5 toes in the front and only 4 in the back. The detail and unusual positions of the subjects always make it more interesting.


The details are all there in this life size peacock. Tremendous amount of research went into getting this sculpture just right as it is a very complicated bird that is beautiful and very colorful. Made of steel with powder coating then hand-painted and clear coated to endure the elements. Commissioned as a birthday present, this gentleman surprised his wife with the perfect gift at add to their collection and love of peacocks.

Wind Sculptures

Every mesmerizing wind sculpture is unique, with various sizes and shapes. They add to any garden, yard, or specially landscaped area. Also, they make a great gift or memorial dedication.

“Semper Fi” Gate

Brass, Aluminum, and Steel made the perfect combination for this Marine’s driveway gate. All artistic gates are made especially for you. Each as unique as you are. The entranceway to your home or a special area that is sure to make a statement.

“Can You Find Jesus in the Rocks?”

Available in 3″ or 5″ sizes in white, black or chrome. Individual or large quantities for groups available.