About the Artist – Michael Mistler

In Owensville, Missouri, Michael grew up around steel. He has always been the creative type, could draw anything, and loved to make things. But it wasn’t until after he had his own steel business that he put his artistic talents to work. It was in 1999 while talking to his wife who collected elephants that he said, “I can make you one,” and he did. So, it all began with an over ten feet tall elephant that the grandchildren named “Jimmy.” Soon to follow was a 745 lb. lion, which they named “Mufasa.”

With his talent known, he got busy and he has been doing sculptures ever since then. Making anything from unique wind moving sculptures to 40 ft tall elk and golf club signs. No two projects are alike. Mike loves a challenge… anything… any size… any shape.

When a client comes to him, Mike’s mind goes to work, determining what is the best size, best metal, best position and/or expression. The “how to” doesn’t worry him; he says it always just comes to him. When doing a project that is unfamiliar to him, he does the research. He takes great pride in the sculpture details.

Each sculpture is unique. Some are made with small pieces that just fit together, others made from flat metal that is formed blacksmith style. Many times, he makes custom tools to serve a special purpose in the process.

Drawings of Jesus or Scriptures are also something he enjoys. The source of his talent is always acknowledged. He knows God has given him an amazing gift.

If there is something, you would like but you don’t know if it is possible, contact Michael. He loves a challenge and you will be amazed. You can make it a unique gift, a memorial tribute, a special interest gift, a special collection item, or a legacy item for a lifetime. Let Michael express your dreams and your imagination.